The Beverly

Modern Resort

Not all homes have the luxury of space to grow and live in, especially when residing in a metropolitan city. That is why we have proposed to have an outdoor dining area and a spacious indoor living space, not only because the balcony is spacious, but also it is always better to dine with a beautiful view. The living area is served as a mini theater, furnished with textured TV panel and refined tall compartment for CDs and DVDs, with a projector screen hidden in the pelmet. The rooms are personalized to the users. The master bedroom is designed like a hotel room where there is a tall comfortable cushioned bedhead with a strip of light shines out creating warm ambient in the room. An elegant and polished TV unit completes the look in the room. The masculine looking room is for a young boy who likes gaming. The room is equipped with compartments to store his hi tech gadgets, so that it is kept neat and tidy. Guest room is served as a study room as well, so function is the main priority in the design.

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